Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Make Everyday Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day, friends! I love Earth Day as it is a perfect time to reflect on our impact on the environment. I found this awesome article with some tips on making everyday Earth Day, it's definitely worth checking out!
The article also mentioned these 7 Rs, which I think are super important when trying to minimize your environmental impact. Being a conscious consumer goes much further than the simple "reuse, reduce, recycle"
Reuse instead of buying new every time.
Repurpose the more creative cousin of reuse, repurposing turns old junk into new, functional objects.
Rot compost everything organic.
Repair instead of replacing.
Return only buy from companies with take-back programs.
Refill instead of buying disposable bottles and paper cups.
Refuse to buy overpackaged, disposable, single-use junk.
How I celebrate Earth Day, everyday:
Buying local, organic produce
Buying Fair Trade products
Saying NO to GMO
Having my very own organic garden
Biking instead of driving (when the destination is close enough!)
Taking public transportation 
Refusing to use plastic
ALWAYS taking my reusable water bottle with me
Reusing containers
Repurposing items
Cutting out animal products (did you know it takes 15lbs of grain to make 1lb of beef? If that isn't unsustainable, I don't know what is!)
Picking up trash whenever I see any
Shopping at thrift stores & not buying anything new
Refusing disposable, single use items

I'm heading to the local beach to clean up trash today. I'm super excited that Summer is right around the corner & I'm sure the beach could use some lovin! I'm also going to start some seedlings for my garden. I have been saving some nonGMO apple seeds & plan on germinating them today! YAY! I absolutely LOVE gardening!

Don't forget to enter to win Salba Smart chia seeds in my current giveaway! TWO winners will receive a pouch of both whole chia seeds & premium ground chia seeds! What better way to sip to your health & honor Mother Earth than with a green smoothie?!

How do you celebrate Earth Day, everyday?! Do you have any special plans to honor Mother Earth today?

Monday, April 21, 2014

Smoothies w/ Salba Smart ~ GIVEAWAY!

Oh vey! I'm so sorry for being MIA! I have been under the weather and have been trying to rest so hopefully I will be better soon. I apologize for the delay in getting this post up!
This month, Salba Smart asked us to make three smoothie recipes. I was given a $25 gift certificate to Whole Foods to shop for ingredients. Unfortunately, the closest Whole Foods is an hour away from me and with being sick and all, I just haven't gotten there... yet! I didn't want to make you all wait on me, though. So I decided to share one of my favorite recipes and start the giveaway. Don't worry, though, I will be back with more delicious smoothie recipes, so stay tuned!
Smoothies are great for so many reasons: they’re easy to make, a quick breakfast on-the-go, and they make it easy to add greens, fruits and veggies all in one meal. Plus, it’s just about the simplest way to add Salba Chia nutrition! Because chia seeds are so tiny, they’re easy to mix right in. As swimsuit season quickly approaches, there’s no better time to start making super smoothies!
Here’s a little more information on Salba Chia:
325% more fiber than oatmeal
800% more Omega-3 (ALA) than salmon
30% more antioxidants than blueberries
1500% more magnesium than broccoli
200% more potassium than bananas
Can you say SUPERFOOD?!

There are endless possibilities when adding Salba Smart chia to your diet. Smoothies are one of my very favorite ways to get in my greens & chia!
This month, I was challenged to make smoothie recipes using Salba Chia seeds, Earthbound Farm baby spinach, and Stonyfield Organic Yogurt. Since I am doing my best to avoid animal products, I left out the yogurt. Feel free to add it to your smoothies for a creamy texture (or just add frozen bananas like I did!)
My favorite recipe will not be a surprise if you follow me on Instagram, I make this quite often!
I'll call this one Island Oasis, as it reminds me of the tropical weather ;)
Juice of 4 oranges (or tangerines, I use my manual citrus juicer)
2 handfuls of Earthbound Farm spinach
1 cup frozen mango 
1 frozen banana
1 cup pineapple 
1 tbsp Salba Smart chia seeds
Mix all ingredients in a blender. Blend on high. Add more frozen fruit or water until at desired consistency.
{I'm using my EcoJarz lid}

And now for the part you have been waiting for!
TWO winner's will receive 1 Salba Smart Whole Seed pouch & 1 Salba Smart Premium Ground pouch!
Enter to win using the Rafflecopter widget below!
All entries are optional! Winner's entries will be verified
This giveaway will start April 22nd and close May 7th 2014 at 12am EST
Open only to the USA ~ I'm sorry International friends! Must be 18+ 
Winner will have 48 hours to respond to the email or another winner will be selected
I am not responsible for prize fulfillment
I received product for review purposes, all opinions are my own!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, April 3, 2014

ProGrade Resistance Band Review

It's April already?! Jeez, where does the time fly?! I have been posting less as I have been working hard on my business plan for OrganicallYou. Watch this space for more information! 
 Today I have an awesome review to share with you. ProGrade Resistance Bands are high quality, adjustable, anti-snap and can be purchased individually or as a set.
Three resistances are available: yellow (1olbs), green (20lbs) and red (30lbs) 

  • Professional Grade 100% Dipped Latex able to stand up to the most rigorus workout conditions
  • Premium Comfort D-Handle for continued comfort during repetitive movements
  • Adjustable Connection for consistent tension during any workout
  • Approximate Equivalent Resistance: Yellow- 10lbs, Green- 20lbs, Red- 30lbs
  • GUARANTEED to be the highest quality latex & handle on the market- 100% Money Back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

  • For this review I received the green (medium) band!
    I really enjoy the ProGrade Resistance Bands! They are perfect for working out at home, outside, bringing to the gym, or bringing with you on vacation or business trips!
    As the weather warms up here in Connecticut, I am taking my work outs outdoors. These bands are the perfect addition to an outdoor circuit!
    These bands are currently on sale for $14.99 and are regularly $27.99 which means you save $13 (that's almost half off!)
    The quality of these bands is excellent! The handles are soft and rotate. The resistance for the medium green band is perfect for my intermediate fitness level. I highly recommend ProGrade Resistance bands as a fantastic tool to help you reach your fitness goals.

    I received one ProGrade Resistance Band for review purposes ~ all opinions are my own!
    This post contains affiliate links, thank you for your support!

    Friday, March 28, 2014

    JUS By Julie Review & Giveaway {CLOSED}

    Juice cleansing has been a hot topic lately… and for good reason! The benefits of juice cleansing (or simply adding fresh juice to a healthy lifestyle) are endless. Juicing helps your body get rid of toxins, rebalance & reboot. Today I want to share with you JUS By Julie, a cleanse designed to rid your body of impurities through a series of specially formulated drinks. It's a healthy obsession!
    Julie explains why she started JUS By Julie:
    As a certified nutritionist, what I've drawn from studying many theories on diets and health is; our bodies need a lot of greens to function at peak capacity. Though greens aren’t normally our first choice of food, thus it's hard to get the daily requirement of fiber from just three meals and a few snacks. To achieve that healthy goal, I began to make green smoothies for my husband and me to drink first thing in the morning. 

    My health conscious family joined in on the juice, and soon we discovered that this was practically a miracle in a bottle as the effects were incredible. The smoothie provided all that much needed fiber, it was able to tame our sugar cravings, and it gave us a lot of energy. I felt leaner almost instantly, and amazingly my husband's cholesterol went down 70 points! When I went back to school three years ago to study nutrition, I said that if only I could make my own family healthier I would feel accomplished. 

    Since, I’ve been sharing my experiences with friends and beyond, who all wanted in on this wonder drink. I started to get up at four in the morning to blend and prepare these smoothies, and then before I knew it word spread and people were calling me for juice. From there on, smoothie-making has grown into a family business. 

    JUS, derived from French roots, means with its own juice. Just like its name, JUS is an all-natural juice from fruits and vegetables, nothing more, nothing less. All JUSes are made fresh, enriching the body full of vital vitamins and nutrients. 
    The juices are numbered on the side which makes it easy to drink in the recommended order! 
    I love that JUS is blended, not pressed. They explain, "When the nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables are blended, the whole product is included. It is the most nutritious JUS you can drink, as it provides all the natural vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and antioxidants found in the raw ingredients. The skin, meat, and all the juice of the produce are combined with the natural fiber contained inside to aid in optimal digestion"
    Have questions about the cleanse? Read the FAQ section & learn more about juicing!

    A three day JUS cleanse retails for $150 dollars and the juices can also be purchased separately for $8/each. These juices should be enjoyed within 3 days as they are not pasteurized and no preservatives are added. 
    JUS offers many delicious flavors: Morning Glory, Acai Blend, Chia Berry, Dr. Green, The Beet of Apples, All Green Everything, Nana Berries, Sweet Spin, Liquid Summer, Pine-apple Mint, Sweet Escape, Simple Green, Day Glow, X-Treme Greens, Choco-Nana, Island Coconut, Coconut Water, Not So Chunky, Java Jus, Almond Breeze, Spicy Lemonade & Spicy Pome-Nade.
    The bolded flavors are the JUSes that were included in my cleanse. 

    JUS By Julie is certified kosher, however it is NOT certified organic, serious bummer. I will continue with my thoughts on that in a minute. My juices were shipped overnight and delivered by 11am the following day. I loved the packaging and the reusable, insulated bag is perfect for future shopping trips!

    I drank 6 JUSes today and plan on continuing with the cleanse. I will be adding some fresh fruit & veggies to help me stay satisfied. I already feel lighter and my digestive system is thanking me! If juice cleanses are not your thing, JUS By Julie is a perfect addition to a healthy lifestyle!

    I especially loved the Sweet Spin (spinach, kale, pineapple, banana, mango), Choco-Nana (chocolate, banana, strawberries ~ this literally tastes like a chocolate milk shake! YUM!), Acai Blend (acai berries, strawberries, banana), and Chia Berry (strawberries, chia seeds, lemon, pomegranate). My least favorites were the Morning Glory (romaine, celery, spinach, apple, banana, strawberry) and Spicy Lemonade. I'm not a fan of spicy things, but I tolerated it for my metabolisms sake ;) Chugging the Morning Glory was not bad, just not something I'd like to sip on. It's definitely worth chugging for the amount of nutrients they pack in! I love drinking my greens! 

    The only negative for me is that JUS is not organic. I really prefer blending organic produce, that way you know there is no pesticides, GMOs, or other nasties in the produce. I know organic certification is expensive and sourcing organic produce can be difficult… but it is so, SO worth it! 
    I really, really hope JUS considers going organic in the future!  

    This is what one day of juices looks like:

    Are you thirsty yet?! 
    Enter to win a 3 day juice cleanse from JUS By Julie using the Rafflecopter widget below!
    All entries are optional! Winner's entries will be verified
    This giveaway will start March 29th and close April 18th 2014 at 12am EST
    Open only to the USA ~ I'm sorry International friends! Must be 18+ 
    Winner will have 48 hours to respond to the email or another winner will be selected
    I am not responsible for prize fulfillment
    I received product for review purposes, all opinions are my own!
    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    Friday Favorites #7

    It's been way to long since I've shared with you a "Friday Favorites" post! I'm excited to share with you some things I have been loving over the past month!
    Linking up with Fitting It All In's Friday Five link up!

    1. Handmade lip balm! Wow, this stuff is amazing! I am beginning to make my own skincare using 100% high quality, organic ingredients. I will be sharing these DIY recipes & selling my products. If you are interested in purchasing OrganicallYou product (currently offering lip balm & deodorant) please email me at organicallyou@gmail.com ~ everything will be made to order!
    This has been a goal of mine since I started this blog and I am overjoyed to be pursuing it and making it a reality!
    Stay tuned for updates on my Etsy shop! I will also be adding a section of this blog dedicated to my products! I'm so excited!
    This lip balm is made with coconut oil, beeswax, shea and cocoa butter, hemp oil, and essential oils. 

    2. This green smoothie is easily my favorite recipe. It has spinach, pineapple, tangerine juice, frozen mango & banana! YUM! I could seriously live off of this.
    Using my Glass Dharma straw!

    3. Speaking of tangerine juice, these babies are so sweet & tangy, I have been eating and juicing them nonstop!

    4. I love this quote, it really hits home with me. I am determined to make a life, not a living... how about you?
    So many people nowadays are so caught up in the "rat race" ~ I want nothing to do with that! Simplicity, self sustainability, and happiness are my goals in life.  

    5. I have an awesome giveaway going on ~ be sure to check it out! You can win a prize pack from NudeFood featuring all of their nutrient dense snacks! 

    What have you been loving lately?

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