Tuesday, October 29, 2013



Transform your mason jar into asustainable, reusable, durabledrinking glass with CUPPOW!
Avaliable in two sizes ~ regular & wide mouth

Cuppow products are made 100% in the USA (Massachusetts to be exact)
BPA & Phthalate Free

Check out CUPPOW now:

Cuppow explains, "It’s a simple eco-friendly alternative to poor-performing and messy disposable hot cups, and over-built and expensive travel mugs...
Cuppow is an American company that grew out of a need to develop everyday products that would help us decrease our own eco-footprint; we have been committed to that ideal from the outset, and seek to achieve it along every part of our process"

I love how easy it is to transform a mason jar into a drinking glass with Cuppow!
Simply replace the metal top with the Cuppow top to transform your mason jar!
Perfect for fresh pressed juices and hydrating on the go!
I also love that they are environmentally aware, American made, and family friendy (perfect for toddlers!)
Make sustainable choices for a greener tomorrow with CUPPOW!

Buying from Cuppow means supporting the American economy: in the last 10 months Cuppow has put $426,832 back into the US economy (81% of that in Massachusetts alone!)
Check out the awesome infographic on Cuppow & see what your purchase contributes to the economy!

I was provided samples to review ~ all opinions are MY OWN!


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