Tuesday, October 29, 2013

ECOlunchbox Review

Healthy for People & the Planet

For this review I was provided theECOlunchbox three-in-one lunch set. It is perfect for bringing lunches to school and is a great non-toxic, plastic-free, waste-free solution to packing lunches!

I love the three-in-one because I hate my food touching. This lunch box is perfect! Problem SOLVED! The three-in-one includes an upper food container, lower food container, and a small ECOlunchpod which can be stored in the upper food container or separately!
ECOlunchbox is highly durable, 100% stainless steal, dishwasher safe, & no paints or sealers which may chip under high heat are used in ECOlunchbox.
Eco-friendly and free of harmful plastics like BPA!
You can help change the environment and stop plastic waste by making conscious decisions to green your routine. The ECOlunchbox lunch solutions make it easy to green your lunch. It is also perfect for children! You will SAVE MONEY over time instead of investing in plastic baggies that contribute to the massive amounts of plastic in landfills!
I also got an ECOdipper snack container which is similar to the ECOlunchpodincluded in the three-in-one. The ECOdipper is round while the ECOlunchpod is rectangular. Both are great for packing snacks, dips, or dressings!
I love packing fresh fruits, veggies, and hummus or ranch in the three-in-one container. I also love packing trail mix, nuts, and dried fruits in the ECOdipper! 
ECOlunchbox makes it easy, and fun, to green your lunch!

What are you waiting for? Check out ECOlunchbox for yourself:

I was provided products to review ~ all opinions are my own!


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