Tuesday, October 29, 2013

EnergyBITS Review


ENERGYbits are 100% spirulina tablets that helps athletes perform at their best. They are perfect for on the go, and provide energy that "will stop your cravings, slay your hunger and give you a steady stream of energy all day or night" (ENERGYbits). Spirulina is a very nutritious algae ~ so impressive that The World Bank, The United Nations, NASA, and Olympic athletes have declared it the most nutritious food in the world! 

Health benefits of ENERGYbits: highest concentration of protein in the world (64% protein which is three times the amount of protein in steak!), over 40 nutrients, omega 3, and are just one calorie per tab. ENERGYbits algae is grown 100% nonGMO. The bits are swallowed or chewed however they are NOT a supplement. ENERGYbits are "bits" of food because algae is grown and harvested like any other vegetable. Spirulina is a nitrogen based algae, and since nitric oxide opens up your blood vessels, taking ENERGYbits will give your brain and body a steady, natural supply of oxygen and nourishment! 
(Information from ENERGYbits pamphlet)

After taking ENERGYbits I felt recharged and ready to conquer the world! My HIIT training went flawless and I felt like I had a ton of energy! I was suprised at the amount of energy I felt from these superfood spirulina tabs! 
The only negative was the amount of tablets you need to take. 30 tabs at once? Yikes!

Check out ENERGYbits now! Head over to http://www.energybits.com/
and enter "BLOG" at checkout for 10% off!!!

I was provided a sample of ENERGYbits to review ~ regardless all opinions are my own!


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