Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Healthy Surprise Review

Healthy Surprise

Subscription Box

Joe Winke, CEO of Healthy Surprise, explains, "Every time we eat should be an opportunity to improve our health" I couldn't agree more! Healthy Surprise makes it easy and fun to eat healthy. 

 Natural ~ no chemicals or ingredients you cannot pronounce 
Vegan ~ no animals harmed and no dairy = no hormones or antibiotics 
Healthy ~ Healthy Surprise's snackologists look at the mix of ingredients to make sure they are good for you 
Gluten-Free ~ everyone is intolerant of gluten which causes inflammation and that "heavy" feeling after eating 
Soy-Free ~ like gluten, it is a natural allergen toxic to humans until it is heavily processed. 90% of the US soy crops are GMO. 
Corn-Free ~ grain and allergen which is now in almost all processed food. 85% of the US corn crops are GMO
(Information from the 'Welcome to Healthy Surprise' slip in my box)

There are three sixes of boxes to choose from:
Starter Box {$33/month, 1-2people, 11+ full size snacks, 16-20 servings}
Healthy Box {$66/month, 1-4people, 16+ full size snacks, 32-40 servings}
Large Box {$99/month, 2-6people, 27+ full size snacks, 48-60 servings}

I love that there are different size boxes. Perfect for families! 
You can also send gift boxes! What a great Healthy Surprise to send to a loved one!
New snacks every month, no commitment, 100% guarantee. 

I received a Starter Box for review purposes. I was thrilled with the quality, quantity, and variety. My box contained 12 items.
There were many products that I have never tried before. I discovered some new favorites! I loved the variety of items ~ savory, sweet, chocolate, and everything in between!
This is a subscription box that I would definitely be interested in subscribing too. I love that their boxes are free of allergens and vegan. No worries, there is absolutely no compromise on flavor! I also love how they offer three different sizes. Perfect for my family of seven!

Order yourself a box now! http://mbsy.co/gGLp

I was provided a Starter Box for review purposes ~ all opinions are my own!
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