Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Kallari Chocolate Review

Kallari Chocolate
Sustainable Pleasure For Palate & Planet

Kallari chocolate is cooperative of 850 indigenous Kichwa families in the Upper Napo Region of the Ecuadorian Amazon. Kallari explains, "we plant, care for, and harvest our award-winning heirloom cacao beans to create this single-source organicchocolateWe share 100% of chocolate profits amongst our 21 rainforest communities to maintain our way of life in one of the mostbiodiverse ecosystems on Earth" (on the back of Kallari chocolate bars).

I love supporting a company which is entirely farmer owned. I also love how Kallari prints their boxes on recycled paper with 50% post consumer waste, using only soy inks & resins. Kallari is a sustainable business, dedicated to preserving and respecting Mother Earth. 

For this review I was provided three chocolate bars (70% cacao, 75% cacao, and 85% cacao). All three varieties were delightful however I enjoyed the 70% and 75% cacao bars more than the 85% cacao. It is totally a personal preference, I do not enjoy the bitter taste of dark chocolate. However the 70% and 75% cacao bars tasted so pure, and that's because they are! Kallari uses simple, organic ingredients to create their delicious chocolate bars:
  {organic cacao beans, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter, organic whole vanilla bean}
I melted the 85% cacao bar and mixed together an avocado, 2tbsp chia seeds, and some local honey for a delicious (guilt free) dessert! Be sure to let the pudding set for an hour so the chia seeds can begin to absorb the water! YUM! 
I am a self-proclaimed choco-holic. I love it. Until trying Kallari chocolate I thought I loved all chocolate. Oh how that has changed! Kallari chocolate opened by eyes to how chocolate SHOULD taste, unprocessed, pure, and delicious. Kallarichocolate is hands down the most delicious, pure, organic chocolate I have ever had. The chocolate literally melts in your mouth and they advise you resist chewing! Simply break off a square and let it melt slowly on your tongue.
Kallari explains, "By reviving our cocoa heritage and making chocolate, we save our rainforests, protect Kichwa cultural traditions, and provide for our family needs" 

Kallari also offers internships and welcome visitors to their cooperative for a day visit or family stay! Discover more about visiting Kallari:

What are you waiting for? Discover Kallari now: http://www.kallari.com/

I received Kallari chocolate for review purposes ~ all opinions are my own!


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