Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Kona Kase Review

Kona Kase

$15/month + free shipping
Multi-month discounts
Cancel anytime!

Kona Kase fuels your active lifestyle!
Their boxes are filled with 8 nutritional products, inspirational quotes, training tips and stories behind partner brands!

I was so excited to recieve my first Kona Kase! I opened it up and was thrilled with the assortment of yummy, healthy snacks!

My July Kase included: Two Caveman Cookies, Garuka Bar, Body Glove Surge Gel, Perky Jerky, Enjoy Life Seed & Fruit Mix, Pro Bar Organic Chews & Health Warrior Chia Bar

Kona Kase includes a list of products that were in the box and some companies offer coupon codes! I think that is just awesome!!! I love saving money!
My box was missing one of the items listed, Barbara Llewellyn Granola, but I didn't really care! I was pleased with everything included!
I love the assortment of products and discovering new snacks!
I especially loved the Enjoy Life Seed & Fruit Mix. It had a wonderful flavor of dried fruits and nuts with a bit of chocolate! YUM!
The Garuka Bar were equally delicious. Garuka is named after one of the few remaining moutain gorillas ranging the volcanic forest of the Virunga Massif in Rwanda. Garuka needs protection and you need all natural energy. Well, they are working on both! The are packed full of wholesome, organic, quality ingredients and a percentage of each sale goes towards gorilla conservation.

I loved the quote included in the box, "You've got to get to the stage in life where going for it is more important than winning or losing" ~ Arthur Ashe
How true is that? Your only competition is yourself!

Discover Kona Kase now and hit the mountains, roads, rivers, gym and perform at your best!

Please note this post contains affiliate links
I recieved a July Kona Kase free of charge for review purposes ~ all opinions are my own!


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