Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Manna Organics Review

Manna Organics

Sprouted For Life

Manna Organics is home of the best vegan organic gluten-freebreads, vegan organic yeast-free sprouted breads, raw organic trail mixes, artisan sourdough breads,nut buttersorganic ingredients and munchies

Manna Organics, LLC is a family owned and operated bakery. All of their products are vegan, kosher, organic and carefully hand-made. Manna Organics signature product is the fully sprouted MANNA BREAD®, cake-like, free of salt, no oils, no sweeteners, no leavening agents. Manna bread is moist and delicious, high in protein and fiber. Sold in the USA and Canada, in the Frozen Foods section.
(This information came from Manna Organics homepage: http://www.mannaorganicbakery.com/)

For this review I was provided two bags of kale chips and two loafs of their organic, yeast free breads. Manna Organics has recently launched a new munchie line! They have everything from kale chips, kale shakers, to trail mix and nut clusters! Yum!
I really enjoyed my kale chips. It is no secret that I have an obsession with kale chips. They didn't last too long. Kale chips are so satisfying when you want something crunchy! A great alternative to chips!
I tried the Say Cheese and Pizza Margherita flavors. Both were delicious! The Pizza Margherita flavor surprisingly tasted just like pizza! Guilt-free pizza? I'll take it!
The sprouted breads were also enjoyable. I love that they are free of salt, oils, sweeteners, and leavening agents. They are dense, but delicious! I enjoyed themultigrain bread with avocado. So yummy! The cinnamon date bread is great for breakfast! I toasted mine and topped with coconut oil. Delicious!

Manna Organics is also committed to taking care of the planet!
The packaging peanuts used in the box are made of biodegradable starch from corn or potato. You can dissolve them in water or compost them!
How awesome is that?! 

Manna Organics is sold at Whole Foods Markets and quality independent health food stores nationwide and in Canada.
I love that Manna Organics is a family owned and operated organic bakery. I would much rather vote with my dollar and buy from a small bakery than buy from large organic brands that are a part of large corporations. It feels good supporting small businesses!

Discover Manna Organics now: http://www.mannaorganicbakery.com/

I received products for review purposes ~ all opinions are my own!


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