Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pela Case Review

Pela Case

From the earth to the earth

The Pela case is made for iPhone 4/4S and the iPhone 5, it is an eco-friendly, sustainable, recyclable,case made from plants ~ not oil!
The Pela case is a clever solution, it is completely compostable, biodegradable, sustainable, renewable, BPA free, and it is made in Canada.
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The Pela case comes in black, pink, lavender and green! The colors vary slightly because are made from natural ingredients. They retail for $29.95! Eco-friendly, affordable, unique, with functional Flaxstic material ~ what is not to love?!  Pela questions, "why do conventional plastic smartphone cases need to be made of the non renewable resource of oil and last for hundreds of years when the average person only keeps their smartphone for 16 months?"(http://pelacase.com/flaxstic/
Pela case is solving this issue by RETHINKING PLASTIC and making Flaxstic from plants, not oil! An environmentally and socially sustainable solution for plastic waste. I think Flaxstic is a revolutionary invention that will change the future. You can read more about it here: http://pelacase.com/flaxstic/
The Pela case is very unique and I love the speckled colors in the case. It makes for a more authentic, organic look. For this review I was sent a lavender 4S case and was super impressed by the flexibility of this case. I'm not one to drop my phone or take it with me when I do something where it could break and I love soft cases that do not add bulk to the iPhone. 

I would definitely recommend the Pela case to anyone who is looking for an iPhone case. Unless you need heavy duty protection, that is. The Pela case is lightweight and does not add any bulk. I love that each case is unique and totally made from the earth using sustainable, eco-friendly, renewable Flaxstic.

I was provided a Pela case to review ~ all opinions are my own!


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