Tuesday, October 29, 2013

PINES WheatGrass Review

PINES Wheat Grass
The Wheat Grass People

PINES Wheat Grass is the original Wheat Grass Company that started in 1976. It is USDA Organic, nonGMO, raw, gluten free, and kosher.
What makes PINES unique? 
Grown in mineral rich Glacial soil 
Grown using rainwater, not irrigation water, which may be contaminated with run off of non-organic farm chemicals and animal waste 
5 year shelf life 
All products in amber glass, nitrogen-packed for zero oxidation vs. plastic where oxidation and loss of nutrients occur 
Harvested at the optimal jointing stage for highest nutrient content 
Competitively priced (you can score 100 tablets for $12.50 or as low as $7.50 when you buy in bulk)

It is suggested that you take 7 tablets with water as a serving of deep leafy green vegetable. I actually do not mind taking so many of these tablets, I just pop them in two at a time drinking lots of water. 

PINES Wheat Grass takes the extra steps to ensure that the nutritional content and flavor of their wheatgrass remain at peak levels. Because they pack their wheatgrass in amber glass bottles the result is the highest possible levels of chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, phytochemicals, and ORAC value. 
I love that PINES Wheat Grass is a sustainable, organic company dedicated to providing the most nutrient rich wheatgrass to consumers. PINES is an honest company that truly cares about the health of people.I love that the name PINES came from the recognition that the Pine tree is an internationally known symbol of the peace that exists in nature. 
You can read all about the history of PINES here:
 I love that they have both tablets and powders! PINES Wheat Grass has a large variety of products to suit every preference!
Check out the PINES Wheat Grass for the best quality, pricing, and selection of wheatgrass products! http://www.wheatgrass.com/

I received 100 tablets of PINES Wheat Grass for review purposes
All opinions are my own!


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