Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Snack Taxi Review

Snack Taxi

Food movers for a happy planet!

"Our mission here at snackTAXI is to make high quality, affordable reusable bags that empower everyone to reduce waste, while embracing business practices that respect our community, environment, and Earth"

 Made in Massachusetts  
Handmade by local sewers 
Essential solution for work, school, travel and outdoor adventures!
 Free of lead, phthalate & BPA 
Machine washable
Snack Taxi offers many products to help reduce waste: 
sandwich sacks, snack sacks produce sacks  napkins, sporks & containers 

For this review I was provided with a snack sack.  The quality of Snack Taxi is amazing, you can definitely tell the sacks are handmade! I love the design also. Blue and green is a great color combination! The snack sack uses velcro to securely close your snacks inside.

Food for thought: The US alone adds 20 MILLION plastic baggies to landfills every single day Each reusable bag you use keeps as many as 1,000 plastic bags out of the waste stream
(Information from an insert in the snack sack)

I am impressed by the quality of Snack Taxi. These sacks will hold up! I also love supporting a local business that is committed to keeping business local and never outsourcing labor.

Discover Snack Taxi and start reducing your waste and move your food in a sustainable style! www.snacktaxi.com

I was provided a snack taxi for review purposes ~ all opinion are my own!


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