Thursday, December 12, 2013

Alter Eco Review & Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Recipe

Alter Eco Foods
Nourishing Foodie, Farmer and Field

Alter Eco Foods offers delicious organic, fair trade chocolate, quinoa, rice, and sugar. They are a conscious, sustainable company and work closely with their farmers. Alter Eco has direct relationships with the farmers which create socially just and environmentally responsible products that are both nourishing to the farmer and foodie. You can learn more about their sustainable practices here!

For this review, I was provided Alter Eco's black quinoa, jasmine rice, and cane sugar...
I made yummy homemade chocolate peanut butter cups with the cane sugar & dark blackout chocolate. I simply melted the chocolate bar, added 1/4c Alter Eco cane sugar, 1/4c coconut oil, 1/2tsp vanilla, and one packet of ground chia seeds. You can use more or less of some ingredients, it is all about personal preference! Then, I used a muffin tin and lined each circle with the chocolate mixture. I layered the chocolate with natural peanut butter and topped them off with more of the chocolate. After an hour in the fridge these babies are good to go! Just be sure to store them in the refrigerator because the coconut oil will melt at a warm room temperature. They are a delicious, organic, homemade, fair trade treat that the entire family will enjoy.

I really enjoyed Alter Eco's cane sugar as it has vanilla and caramel notes which add a unique flavor. I have yet to create any recipes with the black quinoa or jasmine rice, but they will be coming so keep an eye out!

I also had the opportunity to review the dark mint, dark blackout, dark coconut toffee, dark quinoa chocolate bars along with the black truffle and velvet truffle...
Yeah, they were just as delicious as they sound. I would have to say my favorite flavor is the dark coconut toffee bar. It has a crunchy texture with smooth, powerful flavors. I also especially loved the dark quinoa chocolate bar as well, it reminded me of a healthier version of a "crunch" bar. The dark mint was also a favorite as it was not bitter, just sweet enough with a minty crunch! It tastes like a peppermint candy cane crunch with rich chocolate. Yum. Both the black truffle and velvet truffle were delicious and had a smooth center.

Alter Eco chocolate is an indulgence you can feel good about because they socially just & environmentally responsible company that is reliably delicious!

Alter Eco explains where their chocolate comes from, "plucked from organic trees in the Peruvian Amazon and Ecuadorian Coast, our cacao beans journey to the base of the Andes Mountains, where they are transformed into some of the world’s finest cocoa products. The final destination is Switzerland, where expert chocolatiers craft our unique and habit-forming bars and truffles. - See more at:"

Alter Eco is committed to providing the best organic foods while setting the bar in sustainable practices and becoming a carbon positive business. I highly recommend Alter Eco as they are an incredible business leading the way to a more sustainable, organic future! 

I was provided Alter Eco product for review purposes, all opinions are 100% my own!


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