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Inspiring Your Family to be Healthy!

Inspiring Your Family to be Healthy!

It can be really difficult when your family does not prioritize health, however there are many ways to inspire and motivate your family to make healthy lifestyle changes. When I began researching what is in our food supply I watched many documentaries which changed my point of view. I shared these films with my family and they were shocked at the reality of our food system. Luckily, my family is extremely supportive and my mom even has started buying organic produce! This is a huge step for my mom whom is very frugal and buys pretty much everything on a budget. Knowledge is power thus it is important to show your family why you have changed your point of view and why health is a priority for you! I've put together several tips to help you inspire your own family, I hope they help!

I think that sharing films that have a powerful message is a great way to share knowledge with your loved ones! After showing your family one (or more!) of these films, express your concern for their health. Fat Sick and Nearly Dead is the kick that my mom needed to change her habits. The film is relatable with great information & a powerful story.
 Some of my favorite films are Hungry For Change, Forks Over Knives, Food Matters, Fat Sick and Nearly Dead (especially for anyone suffering from health problems or striving for optimal health), Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days (especially for any loved ones suffering from diabetes), and Vegucated. These films are eye opening and truly life changing.

Create fun fruit platters for social gatherings, holidays, birthdays, or just for fun!

I found the above photograph on the internet and am not sure who to give credit too. My apologies!! I couldn't help but share these beautiful creations! Seriously how creative are these ideas?! I'm in love! These creative fruit art's are so pretty and are sure to be a crowd pleaser! I also think they would also be a hit with children and picky eaters (you can read my blog post with some ideas with healthy options for picky eaters here)
I want to have a tea party with the tea cup watermelon in the top right picture! 
I love displaying fruit as art, it's so much healthier than cake and with all the different colors of fruit, the possibilities are endless!

Last year I attempted to create a Christmas tree out of fruit. I used a cone from the craft store (sponge like cone that is used for fake plants) It came out pretty awesome, however this year I want to be a bit more festive and use green & red fruits. 
Looking back it doesn't look like much of a Christmas tree, but it was fun and delicious! I'll have to look on Pinterest for some holiday fruit ideas, they always have creative ideas to spark my imagination! 

Start small! Begin with eating a fully raw, vegan breakfast consisting of fresh fruits & leafy greens. Green smoothies are a great way to carb up and fuel your body for the day ahead. 
Ditch artificial preservatives, ingredients, and sugars. Start eating more from the Earth & less from the box. Vote with your dollar and begin buying organic, nonGMO food. In particular, look for products that are nonGMO Project Verified. Every time you make an organic purchase, you are urging more farmers to ditch GMOs & chemicals to grow food the way nature intended.
This certainly can be done, even for those on a budget. My family is on a tight budget and my mom has managed to buy organic products frequently. Take a look at my blog post about being organic on ANY budget here!
Look at the ingredients! Company's have tricky marketing, don't fall for it!
Eat less take out and cook more. That way you know exactly what you are eating. It will also teach your children essential cooking skills that are lost in today's fast pace world.

 "fail to prepare and prepare to fail
I have learned this the hard way, waiting until last minute to prepare my meals and find their are no healthy options in the house. Instead of running to the store, I used to opt for a unhealthy meal. Since I began meal prepping my life has gotten so much easier! 
When inspiring your family to be healthy, they may think it will take too long and is a burden. Meal prepping can easily take the stress out of cooking! I take the time on Sunday to plan the meals for the week, go shopping, and prepare the basics. 
This includes freezing fruit for smoothies, preparing my boyfriend's lunches, and making chia pudding. In the winter I also make vegetable soup and heat it by the bowl. It tastes even better after sitting a few days! I will post my meal prep soon!
I eat a plant based diet with lots of salads. I prefer to prepare my salads right before I eat them, while others meal prep those as well.

The most important step in changing your families habits is to show not tell. Prepare some delicious healthy food that will knock their socks off. Their are plenty of healthy, organic foods that are sure to please every palate.

I hope these tips have inspired you to get talking about health with your family! Remember it all starts with a conversation :)
Best of luck!

Have you ever tried to change your families eating habits? How did it go?


Poe Kitten said...

I think that starting small is a great tip! It's so easy to get overwhelmed and by starting small you can make that small change a habit...and then tackle the next one. Over time all the little changes will equal big change!

Thanks so much for linking up with us at Flashback Friday!

Jane said...

Wonderful post! What great tips! <3

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