Friday, December 27, 2013

Water Fluoridation {Infographic}

I'm completely disgusted that our tap water is fluorinated. The first line of this infographic is super powerful, as fluoride is the ONLY drug that is forced as mass medication of population… with no control of dosing. Scary right?
Which part of this infographic disturbs you the most?
{Thanks to Growing Up Naturally in Home Child Care for sharing this infographic, check out her blog for great information on living an organic, natural lifestyle}
water fluoridation infographic
Discover how fluoride in your drinking water can impair your health and damage the environment through our infographic "Water Fluoridation: 6 Facts You Need to Know." Visit our infographic page for the high-res version.

With more than 123 combined studies on humans & animals correlating fluoride to brain damage, why the heck is it still in our water?
Hopefully you aren't still buying the "fluoride prevents cavities" hoax. Just take a look at this article, Does Fluoride Really Right Cavities by Dr. Mercola. This is a must read article for those interested in learning the truth about water fluoridation. 
I believe I was one of the 41% of American children whom have dental fluorosis caused by excess fluoride. You know what the dentist prescribed me? A fluoride paste to be used after brushing. More fluoride for dental fluorosis? Absurd. Good thing I opened my eyes sooner than later! I began using Earthpaste and have noticed that the white spots on my teeth have decreased immensely. Yay! 
Another disturbing fact I would like to discuss is the fact that 99% of all fluoride added to water goes down the drain and into the environment! The two types of fluoride commonly added to drinking water (as described in this infographic) are waste products from wet scrubbing systems of the fertilizer industry and are classified as hazardous waste!
It puzzles me that this is added to our drinking water. It is time for us to stand up for our rights and get fluoride out of our tap water!
I have been wanting to get a water filtration system for some time now, and this infographic confirms my concerns for water fluoridation and makes me eager to get a water filtration system ASAP!

What concerns you the most about water fluoridation?


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