Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday Favorites #2

 I can't believe it's already Friday! This week flew by… I started my new job (LOVE IT!) and have been getting in the swing of things. Today I'm linking up my Friday Favorites post with Fitting It All In's five things Friday link up

1. Since I started my new job and we are required to sample the food, I did not get to eat 100% raw the past week. I feel good, though, because I have included much more fruits & veggies into my diet. I feel so energized once I fuel up with carbs, it's amazing! I'm excited to continue this journey :)
Here is one of my new favorite juices!!! It's about 8 oranges & 1 pomegranate juiced. YUM!

2. I love creating new recipes and yesterday I made a delicious apple kiwi chia juice! It is absolutely delicious, although it might look a bit scary. It's so sweet and the chia seeds create a lovely jellied texture
You could also juice some kale or spinach to get in a serving of leafy greens! This juice is so sweet, I'm sure that the spinach would be perfect to balance it out.
For this particular juice, I juiced about 5 apples & 3 kiwis, and added in 2tbsp of chia seeds mixed with 1/4 cup warm water! Add in a few ice cups if your produce is warm!

3. I'm loving myself some hot Yogi tea. I mean, who doesn't love to warm up with a good cup of tea?! It's essential, especially in this cold New England winter. 

4. Visualization. Usually in the wintertime I get a bit depressed, I think it's contributed to the lack of sunshine and vitamin D. I'm always craving sunshine in the winter. I hate the cold and do not enjoy any winter sports. All I want is to go outside and relax at the beach. With that being said, I am visualizing my life in a few years. I am planning and seeing myself living the life I dream of. It's keeping me sane, really :)
One day, this will be my winter reality. And I cannot wait.

5. Pomegranates. I love these little gems! They are so delicious… mmm! I found out an easy way to get the seeds out quickly & efficiently. I'm not sure if everyone is aware of this trick, so I thought I'd share! 
Cut off both sides of the pomegranate then cut through the flesh about two inches apart, fill a bowl up with cold water, and pull pomegranate apart under water. Then, simply use your fingers to get out all the pomegranate seeds & throw away the floating membrane. Drain & enjoy! 
Some of my favorite ways to enjoy pomegranates are in smoothies, juiced, on coconut yogurt, in a fruit salad or regular salad! There are endless possibilities!

This hasn't been the most exciting week, but I am very happy to be including more raw fruits & veggies into my everyday lifestyle. It feels awesome to be caring for myself, from the inside out!

What were some of your favorites this week? Is it cold where you are? Do you enjoy the cold weather?! 


Amanda H said...

Yum I love pomegranates! Great tip for getting the seeds out. I'd heard it before but it still seemed complicated and messy to me. Good to know it actually is easy, may have to try it out!

Kate @ Coffee with Kate said...

Required to sample food ... um, awesome. Warming up where I am! Better than -8 that's for sure.

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