Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday Favorites #4

Well… it's Friday again which means time for another Friday Favorites post! I'm linking up with Clare's Five Things Friday link up!

Here are five things I've been loving this week:
1. Crunchy veggie and hummus wraps! These babies are so easy and delicious. I just spread hummus on a whole wheat wrap {you can also use collard greens or another large green leaf} and then put on spinach, red cabbage, carrots, cucumber, green pepper & roll it up. It's incredibly satisfying and you may find yourself craving them daily… just a warning ;)

2. I've been switching up my smoothie routine with the occasional fresh juice. One of my favorites is pineapple, orange, and spinach. The pineapple wasn't quite ripe yesterday so I opted for orange and spinach, it was just as yummy as I thought I'd be :) Nothing like fresh squeezed OJ, and I LOVE that you can't taste the spinach!
I'm using my fabulous Glass Dharma drinking straw!
These pictures have also been posted on my Instagram 

3. I have become very confident in my decision to drop out of school to work full time. I hope to be serving in the next few months which will be exciting as I will be able to pay of my (small) student loan & save for the future. It can be hard listening to other people's opinions on my decision, especially those whom do not know me. However, at the end of the day I know this is what is best for me. 
I believe that everyone should follow their heart. The feeling I have from making this decision is liberating and exciting. It's not the end of my education, it's actually just the beginning. I'm excited to explore online schooling options and pursue my dreams of owning my own business.
We only have one life. Dare to dream, plan and act. It's your life and you are the creator of your journey. What will you create for yourself? 

4. That last one got a little deeper than I had anticipated. I guess that's what happens when you make big decisions, they come with emotions. Anyways, I need to get in the swing of making a blogging schedule and sticking to a plan. I think it will make things a lot easier. Bloggers, do you use blogging schedules? Do they help?

5. My goal for this coming week is to get in a routine and incorporate zumba into my everyday fitness plan. I want to wake up with yoga and do zumba in after that. I'm thinking making a fitness calendar may help me plan my days better. Can you tell I love to plan? Oh, and that running goal?! It's still on my mind, I just need to get my butt outside and get some miles in. I'm going to start tracking my miles with Daily Mile, connect with me!

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What have you been loving this week?

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