Tuesday, January 7, 2014

FullyRaw Challenge {Day 1 & 2}

So the first two days of the FullyRaw Challenge were definitely not perfect, but I am not giving up! I definitely added a lot more fruits & veggies to my diet, but I still fell off the bandwagon a few times. That's okay though because I'm ready to commit to being FullyRaw for the next 19 days :)

Day one included lots of freshly squeezed orange juice! I used my old fashion citrus juicer and it took a bit of time. Today I plan on peeling the oranges & running them through my juicer.
{using my GlassDharma straw}

{using my Cuppow lid}

I also ate a few bananas and a delicious mango berry smoothie for dinner!
{Strawberry Mango smoothie: spinach, frozen mango chunks & frozen strawberries, banana, chia & hemp seeds, water}

Day two included more smoothies…
I know not the most exciting stuff, but smoothies are oh so yummy!

 {Very Berry smoothie: spinach, organic berry mix (strawberries, raspberries, blackberries), chia & hemp seeds, banana, water}

{Strawberry Mango smoothie: spinach, frozen mango chunks & frozen strawberries, banana, chia & hemp seeds, water}
My smoothies always look different. As you can see this smoothie & other strawberry mango smoothie have the same ingredients, but are completely different looking! It just depends on how much fruit you put in. More mangos = orange. More berries = red.

Simply add ingredients to your blender (I use the Ninja) with a generous amount of water. Blend. Add more ingredients if consistency is not what you desire!
Tip: are your bananas ripe & your not sure if you will eat them all? Peel & freeze them for easy smoothie prep!

This is obviously not all I ate throughout these two days, just an overview :)
Are you participating in the FullyRaw challenge? Are you trying to include more fruits & veggies in your diet?


realrawkitchen said...

I love that you're documenting this! I've been raw but not quite the high fruit level as Kristina does .. today, however, I switched it up and have been carbing up and I have to say .. I feel a difference! I'm way more satisfied, even tempered, and high in energy than I'd normally be :)

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