Wednesday, April 30, 2014

G-Zen Restaurant Review

This past weekend I visited the most incredible organic, sustainable, vegan restaurant in Branford, Connecticut called G-Zen. G-Zen is hands down the most delicious vegan restaurant I have visited! The food, atmosphere, and staff were extremely inviting and 'zen'. 
My mom, Zac & I went to the Buddah Brunch on Saturday afternoon (you can see the menu here). 
We started off with the G-Zen Dim Sum Plate and the Sublime Vegan Nachos (the top left & right in the photo below)
They were both incredible and even my meat loving fiance claimed that he did not miss the animal products. He proudly exclaimed that if he could eat this way everyday, he would have no problem being a vegan! That is a HUGE step for him, and says a lot about G-Zen's food!
For the main course my mom got the Double "G" Vegan Grilled Cheese Combo (bottom right in the photo above) and Zac got the Zen Burger (bottom left in the photo above). I decided to just nibble on theirs and take a salad home for dinner. The Double "G" Vegan Grilled Cheese was definitely a favorite, it is made with pesto, caramelized onions, and Daiya cheese. Wow. It was amazing and is making my mouth water just thinking about it…

For drinks, my Mom and Zac enjoyed a couple of organic cocktails. As G-Zen explains,
Our wines are organic, biodynamic or sustainable (which simply means the vineyard practices organic farming techniques but has not become certified).
Our fresh cocktails are custom infused from fresh organic fruits, fresh herbs & exotic essential oils. The sangrias and sake-elixirs are made from organic wine or sake and custom blended by our G-ZEN mixologist using only raw agave nectar to sweeten with versus most traditional cocktails that use refined sugars, hard liquors & syrups and non-organic juices and fruits usually from a can.
We want you to feel alive, nourished and rejuvenated when you are sipping on one of our “cocktail tonics”, not with a hang over the next morning.
Since I'm not yet 21, I was the DD ;) 
I absolutely LOVE how their cocktails are made with fresh, organic juice. I already told my Mom & Zac that I want to go to G-Zen for my 21st birthday in October!

We took home the Vegan Cheese Platter & Pure Radiance Salad
My Dad (whom is a huge meat & cheese lover) told us that this Vegan Cheese Platter was the best cheese he has ever had. He also really enjoyed the fresh, homemade organic bread. I couldn't believe he enjoyed it so much & can't wait to bring him to G-Zen very soon!

We also got some delicious desserts for takeaway...
On the top is the Lemon Lavender Cheesecake, the bottom left is Raw Cacao Mousse, and on the bottom right is the Coconut Love Cake.
The Lemon Lavender Cheesecake was so delicious! It was full of flavor and oh so creamy. I loved the raspberry sauce with it! The Raw Cacao Mousse was divine! I'm so glad I asked our waitress what her favorite dessert was! She said it was made with avocados but you can't tell, and boy was she right! It was super rich and creamy. Mmm. 
The Coconut Love Cake we brought home for my Dad. I tried it and it was super good! My Dad loved it so much he couldn't stop talking about it for two days!
G-Zen uses compostable takeaway containers which I just adore!

The atmosphere at G-Zen was extremely peaceful. Also, the bathrooms were super nice and they even had recipes on the wall which I thought was a nice touch. They also have G-Glo juice cleanses and a takeaway fridge stocked with all their yummy desserts. 
 I really enjoyed our brunch and plan on returning very, very soon!
"We strive to make G-Zen a total sensory experience that not only will please your palate but create a Zen, peaceful state on mind in your body & soul"

G-Zen has a mobile food truck called G-Monkey! It runs on bio-diesel thus has a low impact on the environment. I plan on having the G-Monkey cater my wedding (I can start planning even if it's in three years, right?!) I can't imagine anything more perfect than serving fresh, organic, vegan food to everyone at my reception!


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