Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday Favorites #8

It's been way to long since I've shared with you all a "Friday Favorites" post! This month my goal is to keep them coming every week. Consistency is key!

I've been loving my smoothies, especially my favorite "Island Oasis" blend! 
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My favorite snack lately has been organic carrots & hummus. Yesterday I made a platter with carrots & cucumber along with a fresh juice that had kale, spinach, kiwi, apple, carrot, and pineapple in it. Mmm. Super good!
Summer cannot come soon enough. Especially now that I have a brand new pair of IndoSole Banana Weave sandals to wear! I'm craving that vitamin D!
IndoSole is an awesome brand that works to repurpose tires and turn them into fashionable shoes. Read my review & enter to win a pair of shoes (winners choice of style) here!

The weather in Connecticut has been warming up, though. It was 55 degrees yesterday and it is oh so nice to be able to go outside without a jacket! Have I mentioned how much I miss the Caribbean lately? Because it's all I can think about, really. That crystal clear water, tropical fruits, and laid back atmosphere... don't get me started. How about a couple of pictures from the cruise to throw it back?! These were taken in St. Martin/St. Maarten!

It makes me so happy just looking at these pictures hehe :) It was just pure bliss!
I have been thinking a lot lately about manifesting my dreams & plan on putting together a post with all my thoughts very soon!

The warm weather has been so enjoyable and I love being outdoors! This past weekend Zac & I went for a walk and it was just lovely! I love seeing everything come to life in the spring! April showers bring May flowers! ;)
Zac & I are getting the garden started this weekend which I am just so excited about! We already have our organic seedlings, a tent & light to get them going. I will definitely be taking lots of pictures & sharing with you my garden journey!
Oh and some delicious juice & smoothie pictures, because… I've just been LOVING them! 

In other news, my cousin is getting married tomorrow and I am really excited to see all my family! I haven't attended a wedding since I was little so I am also excited to see it & get ideas for my own wedding ;) 

Also, be sure to check out my G-Zen review. I have been craving their delicious, sustainable & organic vegan cuisine since I visited last weekend!
I promise you won't miss out on the meat or cheese. My meat loving fiance proudly said that if he could eat this way everyday, he would have no problem becoming a vegan! My Dad also said the Vegan Cheese Platter was the best cheese he has ever had. He just couldn't believe it was made from nuts! I highly recommend G-Zen to vegans & omnivores alike. It's located in Branford, CT. Read my full review here!

That's all for now! Until next time, friends!


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