Saturday, July 5, 2014

JIVA Organics Kalonji Seeds Review

JIVA Organic Kalonji Seeds (aka Nigella Sativa) retails at $6.95 for 7-oz.

Nigella sativa seed has many many names around the world. Sometimes referred to as Black cumin, Fennel Flower, Nutmeg Flower, blackseed, black caraway, black onion seed, or even roman corriander. In English-speaking countries with large immigrant populations, it is also variously known as kalonji, kezah Hebrew קצח), chernushka (Russian), çörek otu (Turkish), habbat albarakah. 

Jiva Organics offers a Certified USDA Organic, high quality and high purity Kalonji Black Seed grown in organic fields in India

There are multiple ways to eat black seeds - 
1) Black Seed Tea is very common in Egypt. Just boil the black seed and water, Keep it for 10 minutes, Strain and drink. 
2) Black Seed bread is very common in Africa. Add 2 Tbsp of black seed in the dough and bake the bread. 
3) Black seeds are very easy to sprout and germinate. Throw the seeds in soil. Water for few days and you will see beautiful shoots that will produce purple flowers. Micro greens can be added to salad. 
4) Roast the Black seeds in a pan and munch them. Seeds are aromatic with slightly peppery taste. 
5) Powder the black seeds in a spice blender and eat them with honey 
6) Sprinkle the Black Seeds in your yogurt bowl. 
7) Use them in curry with other spices

The word "Jiva" means life. At Jiva Organics, we are small family business driven by care and respect for life - be it people or the environment around us. As a result, we source products that are completely natural, certified organic and grown with the underlying philosophy that promotes sustainability of Mother Earth for the present and future generations. Organic farms we work with are untouched by modern toxic inputs to produce pure and natural spices and grains of the highest quality, that result in delicious, healthy meals for you and your family . It's a simple choice that makes a big difference.

I honestly do not have any experience with Kalonji Seeds but I have heard of their amazing healing abilities and was eager to try them out. They have a mild, peppery taste and can easily be added to meals.
I did notice that on the Amazon reviews, two different people reported that these seeds are regular cumin being sold as Kalonji. Since I do not have experience with either Kalonji Seeds or cumin, I can't really say what I think it truly is. This makes me frustrated and confused. I would not recommend JIVA Organics at this time because I am unsure of the quality.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


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